Shoe Last and Component Services

We provide a variety of footwear component design and production services. To request our services, please follow one of the links below or contact us.

  • Shoe Last Design and Grading ($220 US): Use this service if you have a concept for a shoe last you would like us to develop.
  • Shoe Last Copying and Grading ($160 US): Use this service if you have an existing shoe last you need duplicated.
  • Shoe Last Adjusting and Grading ($120 US): Use this service if you are interested in ordering one of our existing shoe lasts but require some basic modifications, such as toe shape.
  • Development prices include one pair of 3D printed lasts. Once we’ve completed development work, additional sizes can usually be produced for our standard price of $60 US. Our 3D printing costs are similar regardless of quantity, so we typically do not offer volume discounts other than by only charging our standard flat shipping amount regardless of quantity. We may make acceptations for multiple full runs of sizes.

    We retain the rights for all standard development work we do, and designs may be added to our component library. This allows us to significantly subsidize the cost of development. If exclusivity is required, we charge an additional $300 US.

    Digital models are only available for exclusive development work and are priced at an additional $100 US.