Podohub Order Policies

Here at Podohub, all of our shoe lasts and components are manufactured on demand. This allows for the very high level of customization that is focal to our business. But it also presents challenges, one being providing our valued customers with predictable production timelines. We aim for the lead time shown on your order. But order volumes can be unpredictable, and this can put us behind schedule. Please avoid inquiring about order status unless one week more than stated lead time has passed without shipment notification.

Once we have started the development work for an order, we cannot provide a refund. The only exception is if the order has not shipped and more than one week more than the stated lead time on your order receipt has passed. For instance, if the lead time on your order receipt is 2 weeks and it has been 3 weeks without shipment notification, you may cancel your order regardless of whether we have begun work on it. Note that this exception does not apply to orders that require back and forth communication between us and the customer, such as with challenging custom orders and development orders.

Note that digital orders have the same lead time as physical orders. This is because they go through the same highly customizable design process which is our bottleneck rather than actual 3D printing.

For physical orders, shipping within North America usually takes 1-2 weeks and outside North America is 2-3 weeks. But there can be shipping delays, particularly around the holidays. We do not provide refunds for delayed shipments. We do however provide full refunds for lost shipments. A shipment is considered lost only if one month has passed and it has not arrived. Lost shipments are extremely rare.

If we have made a mistake with your order, such as sending the wrong shoe last design, we will ship you the correction free of charge. This does not apply to fit issues for bespoke orders. For these, adjustments are done at the base shoe last price.

On very rare occasions (less than 1% of orders), a shoe last may break. If this occurs within one year of purchase, we will replace (not refund) the broken shoe last. This is a one time courtesy we provide given we expect the customer to learn to work with our shoe lasts within the limits of the materials.

Our physical and digital shoe lasts may not be copied nor graded by a third party unless the option for extended usage rights is selected and paid for. Designs may not be resold unless it is a shoe last you have paid us to develop and the option for ownership is selected and paid for.

By ordering digital 3D models from us, you agree to assume all responsibility for any risks that come from manufacturing, assembling, and using the shoe last. We do not provide free support for 3D printing shoe lasts. All digital orders are non-refundable. We highly recommend testing the free sample before purchasing models.

We greatly appreciate your business and are excited for you to see all of the advancements we currently have in the pipeline! Thank you!