Bespoke Shoe Lasts

All of our standard shoe lasts for sale are also available as bespoke shoe lasts. Simply select one, choose “Bespoke” from the Level of Customization drop down, and fill out the required info. See below for further explanation.

Bespoke Shoe Last Inputs

Our bespoke shoe lasts are similar to our custom shoe lasts in that they are one of a kind and made exactly how you want them. Where our bespoke lasts differ is that, rather than providing us the shoe lasts measurements directly, you instead provide us with just a few foot measurements, a tracing, and various other inputs and we’ll come up with the appropriate shoe last measurements. We also adjust the toe box to make sure the toes are given enough space. The inputs we ask for are as follows:

  • Foot Girths: See this guide on measuring foot girths.
  • Sock Type: Here you can choose the intended type of sock for the shoe that will be made on the bespoke shoe last (all measuring is done barefoot).
  • Extra Space for Insoles/Orthotics: Here you can tell us what kind of insert will be in the eventual shoe (some types take up more space and this must be allowed for).
  • Foot Images etc.: This is where you upload foot outlines (see our guide to creating foot tracings or our guide to using a desktop flatbed scanner) and any other images that will help us, such as of foot pathologies.
  • Notes: In this field you can provide any other relevant details. Also, links to 3D models can be added here (we ask that 3D models be uploaded to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive).
  • Ordering a Bespoke Shoe Last

    We have considerable experience with bespoke shoe lasts and have a good success rate. And if there are any issues, we’ll make modifications and send you a new bespoke shoe last at a discounted rate.

    If you have any comments or suggestions on this approach to measuring a foot for bespoke and custom shoe lasts, please tell in the comments below, or contact us.