Shoe Lasts for Sale

On this page is our complete collection of shoe lasts for sale. They are available in half sizes and a variety of widths (see our sizing charts for measurements). They are also available as custom shoe lasts and bespoke shoe lasts (level of customization is selected on the product page). And we also produce matching shoe components for our shoe lasts.

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Shoe Last Rail Joint

Our method for opening and closing the shoe last involves a patent pending rail joint design. It makes it extremely easy to remove the shoe last from a shoe without damaging the shoe. A simple cordless drill is used to gradually actuate the shoe last joint.

3D Printed Shoe Last Rail Joint

Custom Shoe Lasts for Sale

All of our shoe lasts for sale can be customized. Simply choose “custom” from the level of customization drop down on the product page. You are then provided fields to enter exact shoe last measurements. For a guide on how to determine custom shoe last measurements, please see our custom shoe lasts page. If you would rather buy shoe lasts by specifying foot measurements, consider our bespoke shoe lasts for sale.

Custom Shoe Lasts for Sale

Bespoke Shoe Lasts for Sale

All of our shoe lasts for sale can be ordered bespoke. After choosing “bespoke” from the level of customization drop down, you’ll see fields for inputting foot measurements. You’ll also need to upload foot tracings or scans. We’ll take all of your inputs and generate bespoke shoe lasts for you. To learn more about this process, please see our bespoke shoe last page.

Bespoke Shoe Lasts for Sale

Shoe Lasts for Sale by Style

All of our shoe lasts for sale are categorized by intended style of footwear. You can sort by intended style via the drop downs near the top of this page. For instance, if you sort by boot shoe lasts, you will see our shoe lasts with the highest ankle rise. Low-cut boot shoe lasts have somewhat less of a rise but still more than a standard shoe last. We also have shoe lasts for sale specifically designed for making sandals. They have wider heels and toe boxes to ensure the foot does not slip off the sandal, as well as grooves for thongs. And we have orthopedic shoe lasts for sale to deal with various foot conditions. More subtly, our remaining shoe lasts for sale are categorized as either dress, casual, or athletic.

We also categorize our shoe lasts for sale by toe style. Most often toe style is for what the name suggests, style. But shoe last toe style can also affect comfort. For instance, our banana toe style shoe lasts better accommodate feet with a large first toe. Our other toy styles include pointed, semi-pointed, round, semi-round, square, semi-square, and oblique.

Mismatched Shoe Lasts for Sale

People don’t always have closely matching left and right foot measurements. This is why we provide and option for ordering mismatched shoe lasts. It is extra work for us so we do add an extra fee, except for bespoke shoe lasts.

Extra Space in Shoe Lasts for Insole/Orthotics

Insoles, orthotics, etc. (we call them all inserts) are important for foot comfort. But sometimes they can be quite bulky. So the shoe and therefor the shoe last should be made correspondingly larger. This is almost never done. But we go to great lengths to ensure our shoe lasts can yield the most comfortable footwear. Simply choose the type of insert from the drop down. An extra is added for standard sizes, but is included for custom and bespoke shoe lasts.

2D Patterns for our Shoe Lasts for Sale

By providing highly customizable shoe lasts, we take care of the most challenging aspect of shoe making for you. But one drawback of this is that you don’t have the original data to design your patterns off of. For this reason, we intend to provide flattened 2D surfaces for the shoe last. You can create your patterns on these. At the moment, we only provide the last bottom (insole) pattern. Later, we will also be providing the entire surfaced flattened for all of our shoe lasts for sale.

Matching Components for our Shoe Lasts for Sale

We are currently developing the ability to produce various components to match our individual shoe lasts for sale. Such components include high heels, wedges, platforms, insoles (inserts), and soles. Our goal is for you to be able to order everything you need such that you just assemble the parts we ship to produce high quality customized footwear.

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