Alpha Hinge 3D Printed Shoe Lasts

3D Printed Shoe Last with Alpha Hinge

Our 3D printed shoe lasts can now be ordered with built in alpha hinges. The alpha hinge, sometimes spelt alfa, is more familiar to experienced shoemakers than our rail joint system. Boot makers, particularly of the cowboy variety, will benefit most from this update. This is because alpha hinges work well for de-lasting from closed boots (we also added an option for a hanger pull hole). The alpha hinge is also a bit faster to operate which shoemakers with higher production volume will appreciate.

3D Printed Shoe Last Opened Alpha Hinge

This isn’t to say the alpha hinge will replace our rail joint. That’s definitely not the case, because our rail joint is still the easiest way to remove a shoe last from most types of shoes. The direction of travel and mechanical advantage of the screw both ease the process, making it advantageous particularly for new shoe makers. For instance, it is more forgiving if a bit of glue seeps through the lining and adheres to the shoe last. You have to be much more carful when working with shoe lasts with alpha hinges.

So all of our shoe lasts can be ordered either with rail joint or alpha hinge, and also solid of course.

That’s all for this update, we hope you find it helpful!

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