Customizable Shoe Components

We’ve been hard at work getting our matching component methods ironed out and are pleased to announce that orders are starting to get shipped out. The approach is slightly different than when we launched our first matching component some time ago, so I thought I would provide a bit of an explanation.

All of our shoe components can be found on this page. Any given shoe component is designed with a base shoe last which we mention in the description. The shoe component ordered in a particular size will match that same shoe last in that same size. But if you want to customize the component or have it made to match any shoe last you order from us, you can choose this from the ‘Level of Customization’ drop down.

When it comes to wedges, platforms, and high heel shoe components, these can be adjusted to account for planned material thicknesses. For instance, the wall offset relative to the shoe last wall can be set to account for the thickness of the lining, counter, and upper materials as well as the component covering. You essentially add and subtract until you arrive at the total you wish us to adjust the component wall by. Similarly, the gap between the top of the component and the bottom of the shoe last can be set. And the vertical distance from the bottom of the component to the ball break point (lowest point on the shoe last) can be set to account for the top piece thickness etc.

As far as we know, this is a level of customization that just isn’t possible anywhere else in the industry. We’re really eager for our customers to give it a try and appreciate any feedback!