Shoe Components to Match Our Shoe Lasts

We’ve heard from many shoemakers that finding components to match particular shoe lasts is a major challenge. It’s our ambition to make it simple. So we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our first matching component, a Classic Platform! It works with all of our medium heel height shoe lasts and you can be certain of a perfect contour match.

Medium Heel Shoe Last with Matching Platform Shoe Component

Like our shoe lasts, our matching components are also 3D printed. By manufacturing this way, we can achieve a high degree of customization and don’t have any minimum order size requirements. So we can even meet the needs of individual shoemakers. And beyond this advantage, 3D printing allows us to create products with lattice interiors and moderate wall thicknesses, making them both strong and extremely light.

Classic Platform to Match a Shoe Last

If you’d like to order a pair, simply pick a medium heel height shoe last and choose to include a platform in the ordering options. It will then be produced at the same time as your shoe lasts, usually with a lead time of about two weeks.

Where to Specify to Include a Platform with Matching Shoe Last

As far as sizing, our matching components are available for any of our standard sizes and even specialty widths. And here’s where things get really novel: They can even be ordered with our custom and bespoke shoe lasts! That’s right, the design of our components get updated to perfectly match the bespoke shoe lasts you order from us. And you can even change the default intended covering thickness, and we’ll offset the walls accordingly.

Classic Platform Made on Hanoi Women's Shoe Last
Sandal Built with Our Classic Platform Wedge on our Hanoi women’s shoe last

In addition to individual bespoke orders, we hope our new system will be used for various levels of volume production. So we’re providing significant quantity discounts.

Medium Heel Shoe Last with Matching Classic Platform

More styles are already in the pipeline. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. Also, we’re ready to develop styles as a service. So if you need something developed, please contact us.