Fully Parametric Shoe Last Design Software Beta

Parametric Shoe Last Design Software

The software we use for designing shoe lasts is actually our own creation. What’s unique about it is the fully parametric approach. So while other shoe last software methods rely on scanned data, ours is based entirely on parameters and mathematical equations. This makes for a much more scientific approach to shoe last design.

And rather than keep it all to ourselves, we’ve decided to release a free version of it. We’re calling it Shoe Last Maker. Currently it comes in the form of a plugin for the commercial CAD software Rhinoceros 3D (Windows). Rhino itself is a very popular software for designing footwear. If you’re interested in trying it out, please visit ShoeLastMaker.com to find out the details.

Shoe Last Maker is useful for designing both standard and bespoke shoe lasts and components. So whether you are into shoe design, bespoke shoemaking, or orthopedics, you’ll likely find it a powerful tool. And the models you make with it are directly compatible with our manufacturing system, meaning we will produce physical shoe lasts and components at our base price.

Also, all of the shoe last designs you see here on Podohub can be purchased as templates for use in Shoe Last Maker.

We hope some of you will give it a try!

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