Free Insole Patterns for all Shoe Last Designs and Sizes

Checking insole patterns is a great way to decide on a shoe last style and size prior to purchase. Up until now though, it’s been rather inconvenient to access our insole patterns. This is because we’ve had to manually generate each individual request. So these orders had to go through our queue and we’ve had to bill for this work. That’s not convenient for anyone…

So, we’ve figured out how to batch insole patterns across our entire collection of shoe last styles and sizes. The result is a set of PDF insole pattern packages you can download freely here.

At the time of writing, we’ve uploaded over fifteen thousand individual patterns! Needless to say, we didn’t review every single one. So we suggest double checking last length and ball width measurements and see that they line up with the measurements specified for the style and size you plan to order (use ‘show measurements’ option in the ordering form).

One thing we realized after generating the insole pattern packages is that some ended up being right sided while others are left sided. In retrospect, it would have been best to provide both. That’s something we’ll eventually do. But for now you can mirror to get the other side with a free online software such as img2go.

When printing the insole pattern PDFs, make sure to scale to actual size. And note that larger sizes will require legal sized paper.

When using insole patterns to help you decide on a shoe last size, something to keep in mind is that the back of the foot’s heel doesn’t exactly line up with the back of the insole pattern. This is because shoe lasts typically have a bit of a bulge at the back. You can look at the side view of our shoe lasts on the product page to gauge this.

So that’s about it for this update. We hope that you all will find it helpful to be able to instantly and freely access insole patterns for various styles and sizes. We of course will still provide the option to purchase individual insole patterns as this is necessary for custom and bespoke and if any style adjustments are made. Further, this allows you to order card stock patterns as well.