Can I see the flattened insole pattern of a shoe last in a particular size before ordering?

You can purchase the insole template before ordering the actual shoe lasts. The way you do this is as follows (please do all steps):

  1. Choose “No Shoe Last” under the “Type of Shoe Last” drop down.
  2. Check the box for adding the insole tracing to the order.
  3. Please make sure to choose local pickup at checkout so that you aren’t charged shipping for a digital product.

Once your order is placed, it goes into our queue (we try to process it quicker than full orders). After it is processed, we’ll send you a PDF by email which you can then print.

If ordering specialty sizes or bespoke or custom shoe lasts, you will still have to pay the additional fees even if you are only ordering the insole pattern. This is because it requires extra effort on our part to develop the patterns, despite not manufacturing the actual shoe last. What we can do though is provide you a refund for these extra fees when you go to order the corresponding physical shoe last at a later point (please request this in the checkout order notes).

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