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The hardest part about small scale shoe making is when you go to buy shoe lasts. This is mainly because of the challenges associated with doing business with mass production shoe last manufacturers. We aim to resolve the various challenges by producing our shoe lasts on demand in Canada. So if you want to buy shoe lasts, whether standard sizes, custom, or bespoke, just check out our shoe lasts for sale page (below are samples of our best selling shoe lasts you can buy.

Challenges when you Buy Shoe Lasts from Mass Production Shoe Last Manufactures

There are numerous problems you might encounter when you buy shoe lasts from mass production manufactures:

  • Quantity Requirements: Most mass production companies cater to shoe companies that buy shoe lasts in large volumes. So when you go to ask them if you can buy just one or even ten shoe lasts, they’ll likely not be interested.
  • Shipping Costs: Most mass production shoe last manufactures are overseas, usually in Asia. It’s obvious that shipping will cost more when your item has to travel further. But there are all kinds of other hidden costs that get added on when you buy shoe lasts from overseas manufacturers. You can expect various taxes, duties, and brokerage fees. And shipping times can be lengthy.
  • Communication Issues: Also problematic when you buy shoe lasts from overseas manufacturers is language barriers. And there are also cultural differences that come into play. For instance, when dealing with cheap labor markets, we find there is too much emphasis on keeping costs down and quality gets sacrificed. When it comes to small scale shoe manufacturing, this approach just doesn’t align. And of course time zone differences and poor phone connections don’t help either.
  • Sizing Systems: There is a lot of confusion over shoe last sizing systems out there. Mass manufacturers are set in their ways and are liking not willing to discuss any changes unless you buy shoe lasts in large volumes.
  • Allowances: Shoe lasts have built in allowances. It’s critical to know these when purchasing a particular size. For instance, a boot last might not be designed to accommodate thick wool socks. You’ll likely have no way of knowing this when you buy shoe lasts from mass production shoe last manufacturers.
  • Lack of Customization: There is no way a mass production shoe last business is going to customize your shoe lasts, and you can forget bespoke.
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    Buy Shoe Lasts from Podohub

    Here at Podohub, we seek to address all of the issues listed above. We produce our shoe lasts on demand in Canada with a high degree of customization. This is made possible by our highly automated proprietary shoe last design software, 3D printing process, and patent pending shoe last rail joint system. By producing in Canada, we are uniquely situated to supply North America and Europe, with reasonable shipping costs and time frames. We are familiar with sizing systems across these regions.

    Buy Shoe Lasts with Three Levels of Customization

    If you are looking to buy shoe lasts that are highly customized, we believe we are the only viable option, anywhere. We can supply standard sizes in a full range of widths, with options to add space for various insole thicknesses. And if that’s not enough, you can also buy custom shoe lasts from us, where you tell us the exact measurements you want. Finally, you can buy bespoke shoe lasts from us, where you send us foot measurements and tracings and we do the rest.

    When you buy shoe lasts from us, you can expect a highly personalized experience with great attention to detail. We can supply those looking to buy shoe lasts in large quantities, but really we’re most interested in working with small scale shoe makers looking for a highly customized service.