How do your 3D printed shoe lasts compare to conventional shoe lasts? Are they as durable?

Conventional shoe lasts are CNC machined out of high density polyethylene. We also use a type of polyethylene for our 3D printing process. Our material tends to be a bit harder though, and so it is best to make sure you have sharp nails, such as BLUED BRADS. Another difference is that conventional shoe lasts are solid whereas ours are hollow. However, the wall thickness is plenty thick for receiving nails, have proven to hold up under common footwear manufacturing methods, and the lighter overall shoe last is less expensive to ship. Finally, our rail joint system is different compared to conventional hinges. Ours takes more time to open and close given a drill is used, but it results in a much smoother and easier process that is less likely to damage the footwear.

A very small percentage of our shoe lasts have failed so far, and usually because the rail joint was operated incorrectly. As long as you follow the instructions sent with the shoe lasts, they should hold up for a long time to come.

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