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Hamilton Men’s Charcot Shoe Last

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When placing orders that do not include a physical shoe last, please make sure to select the option for a digital shoe last model and/or patterns (orders for $0 will be deleted). Then choose local pickup at checkout so as not to pay shipping fees. We will email you the files when your order is complete. Please see our order policy page for order timelines.
Please provide previous order number and an other necessary identifying information.
Last specific measurements coming soon. For now please see our sizing charts.
To order a custom shoe last, please leave the above sizing as default and fill out your desired shoe last measurements below (if wanting to submit foot measurements, please choose our bespoke level of customization). Our custom shoe lasts are for experienced shoemakers with an understanding of how shoe last and foot measurements differ. Please note that waist girth and ankle girth are optional and that girth measurements specified will be the final girth measurements regardless of extra space added for inserts/orthotics. For a general explanation, please see this guide: custom shoe lasts.
For bespoke shoe lasts, please leave the sizing information above as default and choose below what kind of foot data you would like to provide to us.
Please upload the 3D models to the cloud (we prefer Google drive if possible), and provide links here. Please also let us know whether the scans were taken full, semi, or non weightbearing.
Please fill out the following inputs by referring to our girth measurement and foot outline guides. Foot tracing should be scanned with a flatbed scanner or if not available then an app like TurboScan to scale and rectify a photo. The waist girths are optional and the ankle measurements are only necessary for boot lasts and feet with unusually low ankle bones. See this image to help determine arch height.
Please fill out the following inputs by referring to our girth measurement and 2D Scan guides. The waist girths are optional and the ankle measurements are only necessary for boot lasts and feet with unusually low ankle bones. See this image to help determine arch height.
We only recommend casting for feet with significant abnormalities or deformities. When casting, we recommend STS fiberglass cast done by an experienced podorthist or equivalent. It should be done semi-weight bearing on a flat surface so that the foot posture is controlled.

We also recommend sending us a tracing done as explained here so we can cross check the measurements and shape. It's also helpful to send us pictures of the foot, particularly around any areas of concern.

After placing your order, please ship your casts for us to analyze to: 2105 Midland Ave Unit 3 Toronto, ON M1P3E3, Canada
Please upload scanned foot outlines (made following our guide) and any other images (jpg, png, pdf) that can aid us in developing your shoe lasts (including of any possible foot pathologies). Alternatively, images can be uploaded to the cloud and link input below.

Please write the size you would like for us to design. Oversized lasts may require additional material and shipping fees.
Please provide the order ID and any other necessary identifying information. If for the current order, please state that.
For more extensive shoe last development, please see our shoe last development service.
Note that free digital insole patterns for standard sizes are linked to on this page.

- Please allow approximately 1 week for production time.
- The color of the physical shoe last may differ from the color in the product image above.
- Copying and/or grading of our shoe lasts by a 3rd party is not permitted unless you have selected the option for extended usage rights.
- Order policies can be found here.
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Our Hamilton men’s Charcot shoe last is a short boot last designed to accommodate a severe Charcot foot. The shoe last is designed for a wide insole base at the medial side with a bulge extended further to accept offloading accommodative orthotics. The shoe last has a slight concave shape at the lateral side of the mid foot area to follow the shifting of the joints providing a close fit. This is done because it is common for the lateral side of the forepart region to shift up while the medial side of the arch is collapsing. We also made sure to provide ample room in the 5th toe area. The measurement of this shoe last at the instep is much greater than a regular shoe last measuring 15% more girth measurement and 6% more on the ball joint. The length is kept to standard grading charts. The contour of the shoe last bottom between the heel and the ball joint line has a straighter shape than a regular shoe last in order to accommodate offloading insert and the rocker bottom of the foot. A matching shoe last from the same shoe last group could be ordered for the other foot (Brampton or Oshawa).

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